• Economic growth and development

My family and I are small business folks and have been all of my life. I understand firsthand the important role that small businesses play in economic growth and development. That’s why I am committed to working with local officials to not only attract but keep quality jobs in Prentiss and Alcorn Counties.


  • State retirement

I will stand up for those who have served this state by protecting your state retirement system.
  • Community Hospitals

I will also work to ensure that healthcare remains accessible by supporting our community hospitals.


  • Working together

My decision to run for the House of Representatives is not something that I take lightly. It is my belief that members of our legislature should be working together instead of fighting against each other. Their disagreements have placed public schools, rural hospitals, access to affordable healthcare and the state retirement system in jeopardy.


  • Education

Every year the legislature fails to fully fund education, they fail every child in this state. For far too long, Mississippi’s children and schoolteachers have been forgotten. As a proud product of public education, I am deeply committed to the success of every student. I vow to be a strong voice for every student and every teacher in Prentiss and Alcorn Counties.
For me, it’s not about right or left. It is about right or wrong. Doing the right thing should never be a partisan issue.